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                                      Cozy Earth is the first manufacturer in the

 world  to make Silk

 and Bamboo comforters. You cannot experience our unique one-of-a-kind combination of silk comforters and bamboo comforters anywhere but with Cozy Earth.


Bedding by Cozy Earth maximizes the natural moisture wicking, microbial killing, and hypoallergenic benefits while still surpassing the comfort and quality of any comforter on the market today.  You will rest in unrivaled comfort as you enjoy the highest quality, most comfortable, cleanest bedding products in the world.


Cozy Earth Silk and Bamboo bedding is a doctor recommended type of bedding for those who suffer with allergies or asthma.  And, if cared for properly, a Cozy Earth Silk Comforter or Bamboo Comforter will last for up to 15 years!

Rounded square Sleep Cozy

hypoallergenic  .  microbial resistant  .  highest quality natural fibers  .  easy care

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